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Digital transformation that empowers local businesses.

Digital ordering system

Let your customers place their orders with their smartphones: scan QR codes, choose items and send the order. Easy, quick and hygenic. They don’t even need to download an app.

More revenue and less costs
Integration in print and Point of Sales systems
Increased ordering frequency and customer satisfaction

Gift cards system

Digital gift cards with cash value and/or items you offer, sent within seconds via email and usable via smartphone or printed copy. You simply need to scan the QR code and charge the gift card.

Increased revenues and paid in advance
Your company keeps the money for expired gift cards
Sell gift cards for cash

Online portfolio

The products and services you offer are most important to your customers: Improve your online visibility with a professional online portfolio.

Increase your company’s reach
Unique QR tags for each item
Categories, options, prices, pictures and much more

Rewards system

Reward your customers for each order. They can redeem their reward points as gift cards.

Increase your customers’ loyalty
Integrated with the ordering and gift cards system
Bonus rewards for tips

Local online marketplaceComing soon

Find and buy products and services near you and buy them online!. As easily as an online marketplace. The overa Smart Commerce City.

More revenues in the city centres
Click and collect for a 24/7 local shopping experience
Multilingual, for an international clientele
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